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🛏️⚔️ Bedwars Event  🛏️⚔️


🌟 Get ready for an amazing thrilling Bedwars event. Where you can win amazing prizes 🎖️. Make sure to participate in this amazing event on.


🚨 Tournament style 🚨

  • 16 players per tournament. 
  • 4 tournaments.
  • Total 64 players may participate in this amazing event.


🧑 16 players will start the fight.

Total of 4 Rounds. 


 1st round - 4v4v4v4 - last 2 squads will go to next round.

 2nd round - 2v2v2v2 - last 2 duos will go to next round.

 3rd round - 1v1v1v1 - The 2 winners from this will move on to the finals. 

 Final round - 8 players will fight in a 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 setting.


The 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 will decide the 1st. 2nd. 3rd and 4th place winners accordingly.


How to create teams? ⁉️


  • Teams will be established in a new channel #❖︲bedwars-team-verification. Limit of 16 teams maximum, 5 Players per team (1 substitute. If someone is unavailable)
  • General bedwars rules will be applied throughout the event.

  • No mods (resources packs are allowed).
  • No auto clicking. 
  • Must use a proper client. Hack clients are strictly prohibited. 
  • Players are expected to play the game as intended, to consistently fight and not remain inactive. Inactivity may get you disqualified.


If anyone is found cheating, Punishment will be given. 💢


Note: You will be disqualified if you get banned by Anti-Cheat. Your logs will be checked and if proven not guilty. A compensation of Loner keys will be provided 


👉  Each team will be allowed to join and make their own VC (Voice chats).

✨ Prizes ✨

🥇 1st Place -> Cosmic/Master sword + Noble+/Grand+ Kit + Champion title for 3 months.

🥈 2nd Place -> 2 Master/Mystic ce orb + Noble+ kit/Grand+ kit + Hunter title for 3 months.

🥉 3rd Place -> Noble+ Kit/Grand+ kit + Brave title for 3 months.

🌟 4th Place -> Noble/Grand kit.

❗Join our discord server to take part in this amazing event.

Bedwars Event 6 months ago
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