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👾 Tricky Trials: 1.21 Update 👾

Exciting news, The Grid runners!
We're thrilled to announce that the Minecraft 1.21 update, "Tricky Trials," has arrived! To incorporate all the fantastic new features and maintain a smooth experience, we'll be upgrading The Grid server to 1.21 within the next month. Mark your calendars for the expected update date:
July 19th, 2024! The exact time will be posted later on once finalized. Here are some of the things that are changing:

  • Classic and Economy Resets: Player data in both Classic and Economy gamemodes will be wiped. This means all your data will be removed including progress, stats and even build structures. We will start with a new world in 1.21 which will allow a fresh start.

  • New Game Mechanics: We're revamping the server with a ton of exciting new game mechanics! Some of the new features that are planned are:

    • Custom world generation
    • Battle Pass
    • New block mechanics for sponges, lava, etc.
    • Custom Mobs and pets.
    • Bigger and more custom shopping districts.
    • A lot more! We aren't going to reveal all at once. 😜
  • Economy Replaced by Adventure: "Economy" will be replaced with a brand new "Adventure" mode. Paid ranks will remain the same. The new Adventure game mode will feature a lot of custom features that will be way more challenging than Classic. BEWARE! This mode is not for the faint of heart.
    From even deadlier mobs to custom biomes, custom dimensions till deadlier nether. You will have a tough time surviving this mode.

  • Fair Gameplay: Paid ranks will be re-enabled approximately 4 weeks after the server update to promote fair gameplay experience.

 Buy One Get One Free Rank Offer 

Looking for a sweet deal? For a limited time, anyone who purchases Noble+ or Grand+ ranks before the server update will receive a BONUS free month of that rank in 1.21 update!

This offer is only available until the server resets to 1.21. The store will be disabled on the day of reset hence you will loose the opportunity to avail this offer.

 Lab Applications are open! 

We're opening applications for the new Handler & Beta Tester roles! Handlers will act as Jr. Developers, assisting with server tasks and contributing to the ongoing development of The Grid.

  • Handlers are basically Jr. Developers that assist developers and Admins with everyday tasks. This include bug fixes, bug hunting and even setup and management of new servers and game modes.

Click here to apply!


Thank you for being a part of this lovely community!

The Grid Team.


Tricky Trials: 1.21 Update about 1 month ago

Hey everyone, prepare to level up your experience with a brand-new website overflowing with features! Get ready for:

✨Community Hub:

  • Website Chat: Ditch the lag and chat with fellow Gridders in real-time!
  • Custom Announcements: Share server updates, events, and news directly with the community.
  • Lounge Chat: Hang out, make friends, and unleash your inner social butterfly.
  • Job Requests & Offers: Find the perfect teammate for your next project or showcase your skills!
  • Show Off & Brag Zone: Flaunt your builds, creations, and in-game achievements or in fact anything!

⚒️Control & Influence:

  • Account Linking: Seamlessly connect your Minecraft and Discord accounts for platform-wide access.
  • Vote Page: Make your voice heard! Cast your vote on server changes, events, and more.

💻Exploration & Support:

  • Custom Help Page: No more forum spelunking! Get clear solutions to any challenge.
  • Custom Applications: Got a game-changing idea? Submit your proposals and see them come to life!
  • Website Announcements: Stay updated on all the latest happenings and exciting news.

🪄Style & Convenience:

  • Custom Store Theme: Flaunt your server pride with a sleek and custom store!
  • Two Easy Registration Options: Join the community through the website or directly in-game!

This is just the beginning! We're constantly crafting even more features to revolutionize your Grid experience. Get ready to explore, connect, and level up like never before!

🌏How to register?

You can register via two methods:

  • Website: Register on the website using Email, Google or Discord. You can then link your minecraft account after that.
  • In-Game: Register in game by using the command /webregister email and then follow up with email verfication!

For any further help, feel free to reach out to the website chat or Discord support!

Spread the word and let's build an even stronger Grid community!

Website Launch 7 months ago

Shine Bright, Stay Nice

  • Post anything Minecraft (builds, achievements, even art!).
  • Respect others; no bragging or bashing.
  • Explain your work, inspire others, and give credit.
  • No self-promotion, spoilers, or offensive content.
  • Moderators keep it positive, so have fun and amaze us!

Rules for Show Off 7 months ago

** Job Board Rules:**


Be Pro: Respectful and clear in all dealings.

Post Right: Specify roles, skills, and pay. Tag it!

Play Fair: No scams, exploitation, or sharing private information.

Honor Deals: Finish jobs as agreed.

Bonus: Build a rep, network, stay organized, and have fun!


Moderators: Keep it clean and fair.


Build your dream team, one block at a time!

Rules for Job Requests 7 months ago

Chill Chat, Be Kind, Stay Relevant:

  • Topics: chat, introductions, events, lighthearted discussions.
  • Be nice: Respectful and polite, even when disagreeing. No attacks or meanness.
  • Stay on topic: no spam or derailing conversations.
  • Clean language: no profanity, offensive stuff, or graphic content.
  • Respect privacy: Don't share personal information without permission.

For new topics:

  • Clear titles: Help others find your post.
  • No duplicates: Check for existing threads first.
  • Post in the right place: Keep it lounge-like.
  • Relevant tags: easier searching and browsing.


  • Welcome, new members!
  • Be helpful and fun!
  • Moderators keep things nice.

Remember: Rules evolve; keep them clear; and apply them fairly. Relax, chat, and enjoy the lounge!

Rules for Lounge 7 months ago
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