✨ Introducing Competition - Blockbuster Clips ! ✨

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Get ready to express your creativity and showcase your love for our Minecraft servers in the most exciting event of the year: the Blockbuster Clips Competition!

Last Date of Submission extended to 30th May!!

What's the Event About?

The Blockbuster Clips competition invites you to create a YouTube Short or an Instagram Reel about what you love the most about our servers: Alonefield, Ragnarock, or Blockstackers. It's your chance to tell your story and win amazing rewards!

Basically, you have to create and post a YouTube Short or Instagram Reel or Any Other Shorts Platform such as TikTok and then submit the link of the video clip to us!

Topic for video/short/reel: 

Make a clip on ANY ONE of the follow:

  • Why I'm addicted to Alonefield?
  • Why I'm addicted to Ragnarock?
  • Why I'm addicted to Blockstackers?

Competition Rules

  1. Publicity: Your video should be public throughout the judging process.
  2. Creativity & Genuineness: We want to see original and creative content.
  3. Server IP: The IP of the server must be mentioned in the video for at least 2 seconds.
  4. Voiceover Options: You may use your voice, computer-generated voice, or simple text.
  5. Submission Deadline: Submit your video via the link at the end of this post by Saturday, 20th May 2023.

Judging Criteria

Your videos will be judged based on creativity and authenticity.


  1. 1st Place: 
    • Minecraft premium
    • 3 months of Noble+
    • 3 months Discord Nitro
    • $30 store credit/gift card

  2. 2nd Place: 
    • 2 months Noble+
    • 2 months Discord Nitro
    • $20 store credit/gift card

  3. 3rd Place: 
    • 1 Month Noble+
    • 1 Month Discord Nitro
    • $10 store credit/gift card

  4. 4th Place: 
    • 15 days Noble+
    • 2 months of Discord Nitro Basic
    • $5 store credit/gift card

  5. 5th Place: 
    • 7 days Noble+
    • 1 month Discord Nitro Basic
    • $3 store credit/gift card

  6. Participation Prize:
    • 2 x Cosmic Key + 2 x Master Key

Who Can Participate?

EVERYONE, including all staff members or players from other servers as well, are invited to participate!

How to submit my clip?

Click here to submit your entry/video clip.

Last Date to submit: Saturday, 30th May 2023

Get ready, get creative, and start filming your blockbuster clip! Happy filming and may the best clip win! ????????

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