The rules stated below apply across The Grid network that includes any game servers or Discord servers. There are also EXCLUSIVE server policies that are stated at the bottom of this article.

For punishment list and warn points system please refer to this page. Click here!

1. Inappropriate and Disruptive Chat Behavior

Excessive use of CAPS or spamming is unacceptable. Swearing, even in disguised forms, is prohibited and could lead to punitive measures including muting or jailing, with severity determining the extent of the punishment.

2. Abusive Language and Toxicity

Any form of swearing, toxic behaviour, or targeted harassment towards an individual or a group is strictly forbidden. Violators may face muting or jailing based on the severity of their actions.

3. Online Safety

Any attempt to share phishing links, IP grabbers, or malicious URLs is a severe violation and will result in a permanent IP ban. Our server aims to foster a secure and friendly environment for all users.

4. Unauthorized Promotion and Advertising

Any form of unauthorized advertising or self-promotion is disallowed. This includes sharing another server's IP, self-promotion videos or channels, and discord invites. Violations will result in a ban, unless the content is pertinent to The Grid community.

5. Impersonation

Impersonating staff members is strictly forbidden. Violations will lead to punitive measures.

6. Exploitation and Cheating

Using hacks or exploiting bugs for personal gain is absolutely prohibited. Violations will result in a permanent IP ban.

7. Theft and Fraud

Actions such as griefing, stealing, or scamming are prohibited. Offenders may be jailed. Please ensure your PvP is toggled appropriately using ⟨/pvp on/off⟩ to safeguard yourself from potential threats.

8. Alt Accounts

Exploiting alt accounts to gain unfair advantages over other players, such as additional keys in vote parties or AFKing at farms, is strictly prohibited and could lead to a ban.

9. Use of AutoClicker

The use of Autoclicker is only permitted for farms in Classic, while completely disallowed in Economy. Furthermore, using an Autoclicker for PvP is banned.

10. Controversial Discussions

Avoid discussions about controversial subjects such as politics and religion. Offenders may be muted. Additionally, while English is the standard language, regional languages are permitted in private messages provided the other party consents.

11. Usernames and Skins

Usernames containing vulgar language or inappropriate skins are not permitted and can result in a ban.

12. Discrimination

Any form of racism or discrimination towards any group is strictly prohibited and could lead to a ban.

13. Punishment Evasion

Any attempts to evade punishment, including use of Discord in-game chats after being muted or jailed in-game, is prohibited and may result in additional sanctions.

14. Misuse of Item Names

Using obfuscated text, or renaming items to [i], [item], is not allowed. Items in violation of this rule will be confiscated.

15. Threatening Players

Threatening players with punitive measures such as bans, jails, or mutes, is strictly forbidden, unless the threat pertains to enforcement of established server rules.

Server Policies:

1. Dropped Items

No support will be provided for refund on thrown tridents in the void or death that is caused by natural or vanilla reasons and dropped items, unless another player picks it up or it is somehow caused by the server.

2. Cross-game Trading

No support will be provided for cross-game mode trading of crate keys or any other item. For example, trading between Classic and Economy is unsupported.

3. Plots and Claims

No support will be provided if you trust a player in your claim or plot and the player steals your items or breaks any structures, blocks or containers.

4. Player Death

If a player is killed by another player and the culprit doesn't send a teleport request to claim back the death chest to the victim or the user does not accept the teleport request sent by the victim, only then will we provide support to the player.