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Staff Applications
_Smasher__ Admin Jr. Mod Member
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5 months ago

📢Staff Applications 📢¬†


Hello, everyone

We are now recruiting new Helpers, Handlers and Beta-Testers!


If you believe that you are ready to help your fellow community members, take on more responsibility and be part of our team you are hereby invited to apply!


Requirements for the Helper position;


- Must have at least 14+ hours of playtime in past 1 week. (To check your playtime enter /playtime in-game)

- Must be an active member of the server

- Must have established a good home base.

- Must not have any crime logs in past 30 days.




Requirements for the Beta-tester position;


- Must have a premium Minecraft account.

- Must have accumulated at least 2 days of playtime.




Handlers will be the ones to solve any bugs or issues in the server and will be responsible for adding new features to the server. Handlers requirements are not stated here can all be found within their applications.



Applications will close on 15th of Feburary.



Your application will be reviewed and judged by the management. You will get a response within one week either with feedback to help you improve yourself for future applications or... A warm welcome to the Staff team!



Note: This application is a way for us to get to know you, therefore we recommend you to write serious, direct and comprehensive answers.


To apply for the Helper position;




To apply for the Beta-Tester or Handler position;


No matter the result of your application we wish you well, we thank you for supporting our server and we hope to see you online soon!

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