Punishment List

In the warn point system, you earn points for not following rules in games or on Discord. Just like in a game, the higher your score, the closer you are to losing. If you get too many points, you could be muted, timed-out, or even banned. Each point stays on your record for 30 days.

In-game, if you don't follow the rules, like using caps too much, you could be muted for 10 minutes if you get 5 points. If it gets serious and you reach 450 points, you could be banned forever.

On Discord, it's the same thing. If you earn 5 points, you'll get a timeout for 5 minutes. But if you get 200 points, you will be banned forever.

Different rules give different points. For example, talking about unrelated stuff (like advertising) will give you more points than using too many capital letters. The tables following this description will give you more details about the points and punishments. Always remember, following the rules makes it more fun for everyone!

Warn Points List 
OffenceWarn Points
Promoting unrelated content, especially other servers or products.
Alt Accounts-40Use of multiple accounts or automated systems to gain an unfair advantage or bypass restrictions.
Auto Clicking-20Use of software to automate clicking or game actions.
Bug Exploitation6060Intentionally using known bugs or glitches for personal benefit.
Claim Theft-20Claiming others' constructions or builds as your own.
Evading Punishment-80Attempts to avoid penalties by any means, including using other accounts. Permanent ban to alt account.
Excessive Caps Use55Overusing capital letters in messages, considered as shouting in online communication.
Griefing-40Destructive behavior that ruins other players' experiences or creations.
-220Use of software exploits, cheats, or duplication bugs to gain an unfair advantage.
Hate Speech
4040Any racist, homophobic, or excessively disrespectful behavior towards staff or other players.
100100Falsely presenting oneself as another player or staff member. Impersonation only in effect if the player is misusing the name for scamming/exploiting etc. Does not affect if the player is purely having fun without harming anyone.
Inappropriate Display
500500Having an inappropriate in-game skin or username.
Inappropriate renaming
1010Assigning offensive or inappropriate names to in-game items.
Mild Swearing
33Usage of less offensive, but still inappropriate language, such as "moron" or "idiot." Does not apply if used intentionally for fun and laughter.
Offensive Expressions
6010Use of language or behavior intended to offend or incite others. Does not apply if used purely for fun.
Player Trapping/TP Killing/Wild Killing
-40Trapping players, killing them on teleport, or blocking access to death chests or killing other players in wilderness or non-protected zones.
Privacy/Safety Breach
220220Sharing private information of others or making them feel unsafe.
Punishment Evading
12080Attempts to avoid penalties by any means, including using other accounts. Permanent ban to alt account.
4040Misrepresenting items, such as by renaming them, for personal gain or any other act of scamming another person.
33Sending repeated messages or unnecessary data causing disruption in chat or server performance.
Swear Filter Bypass
1010Bypassing the system in place to detect and filter out swear words.
55Use of strong or obscene language. This includes explicit, offensive, or vulgar words.
-20Stealing items from other players without their consent.
Threatening Behavior
4040Making threats to have others punished.
Punishment on threshold points
5Timeout - 5 mins.Mute - 10 mins.
10Timeout - 15 mins.
Mute - 30 mins.
20Timeout - 30 mins.
Jail - 30 mins.
40Timeout - 1 hour
Jail - 1 hour
60Timeout -2 hours
Jail - 2 hours
80Timeout -3 hours
Jail - 3 hours
100Timeout -5 hours
Jail - 4 hours
120Timeout -8 hours
Jail - 6 hours
140Timeout -12 hours
Jail - 8 hours
160Timeout -1 day
Ban - 3 days
180Timeout -2 days
Ban - 5 days
200Permanent BanBan - 7 days
260Permanent Ban
Ban - 15 days
300Permanent Ban
Ban - 30 days
450Permanent Ban
Permanent Ban